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Question for members

What made you pick up something by Anne Bronte and read it? Neither of her novels is particularly famous (although both are listed in "1001 novels to read before you die," hooray), so this should be interesting. I hear Tenant is sometimes done at the GCSE in Great Britain, and some University classes have started to read it here in North America. And, of course, die-hard Bronte fans generally want to read every book by every sister.

Myself? While taking a second-year undergraduate class on literature from 1800 to the present, we did Wuthering Heights (brilliant), and the professor, who I respect and admire very much, came out with the old chestnut that Anne would be long forgotten if it weren't for her family ties. I thought the best thing to do was decide for myself, so I bought The Tenant of Wildfell Hall.

I kept it to one side for almost a year, though, during which time I did a Victorian lit survey course with the professor who had dismissed Anne, hearing him express similar sentiments again during the preamble to Jane Eyre. I had started to think that maybe there was an Honours Essay in defending Anne Bronte, if she was worth defending. So, that summer, I read The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, loved it, and spent the second half of the next school year writing 12,500 words about the relationship between its narrative structure and its feminist message. The prof whose dismissal of Anne sparked the whole thing? He was my supervisor, and I don't know if I changed his mind, but the dissertation was well received. :)
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