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First Post

Well, I just created this community, after threatening to do so for about a year (ever since finishing my undergraduate dissertation on The Tenant of Wildfell Hall). I don't have time to say much at the moment, but I figured I'd share a couple of essential Anne Bronte links.

Anne Bronte: The Scarborough Connection. Without a doubt the most extensive and informative website regarding both the life and work of Anne Bronte. Warning: there's an embedded midi of Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights in the background (I love the song --- just against embedded midi on principle), so you might want to turn your speakers down before clicking.

Anne Bronte Remembered in Scarborough. A very touching and informative biographical essay on Anne, with specific emphasis on her remarkable last days in Scaroborough, where the doctor attending her said "he had never seen such a deathbed and it gave evidence of no common mind."

Truth: The Tenant of Wildfell Hall Fanlist. A lovely fanlist, but it doesn't actually seem to be listing anyone at the moment. That must be a technological error, because I signed up a few months back, and I wasn't the first.

The preface to the second edition of The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. A critic once described this as the best, most concise, most direct defense ever made by an author of his or her own novel. Hyperbole perhaps, but it is compelling stuff, and offers valuable insight into Anne herself. It's well worth remembering that, until its re-publication was forbidden by Charlotte (after Anne's death), Wildfell Hall was immensely popular (outselling Wuthering Heights), controversial, and even radical. Hence, Anne's response to her critics in this preface to the second edition, which was rushed to the presses after the first edition sold out in 6 weeks.

So, that's it for today. Feel free to join up and post about anything to do with Anne!
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